Planning For Dubai, Know The Rules And Regulations First

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The city, which was attached with the UAE in 1971, is the most developed among the seven emirates. There are few things available in the world which you will not get in Dubai.
The city is known for many famous things like Burj Khalifa – the tallest tower of the world, largest shopping mall, most lavish lifestyle and moreover exotic desert safari Dubai. Today Dubai is become the top most tourist destinations of the world with hummer safari one of the major things to do. 80% of Dubai people are foreigners among 1.4 million people. No other instance need to be given to prove the truth that it is the hottest destination of the world.
Despite the fact that Dubai is the most loved tourist destinations there are some strict rules and regulations for them. So, it is the best if you just once go through the rules before visiting. You can’t wear clothes which reveal the much of body skin. You can’t eat or drink publically between sunset and sunrise and on Friday during daytime you can’t take any food or beverages outside your hotel. All these can be the reason of your imprisonment. The laws of UAE are so strict that you will not get any consul help. Apart from that Dubai is an excellent place to visit. Especially the desert safari is the most popular destination for the foreigners. Hummer safari is considered the most exotic adventure in the desert.
Do you always finish your savings by travelling? Your money will get real value in Dubai. You will get top quality accommodations in Dubai hotels which are second most expensive after Geneva. The hotels offer special packages to attract highly selective travelers. Dubai is a place where you will see the highest range of manmade islands in the coast of Dubai. Among all the islands Palm Island and World Island drags the attention most. You can see the Plam Island even from the space, one of the very few things can be seen in an open eye from the space. Admires says that the Palm Island is the eighth wonder of the world. Except from safari and desert related adventures these are the things you will remember lifetime.
Even you will find underwater hotel in Dubai- The Hydropolis; an under construction hotel almost 68 feet deep under water. And seeing Burj Khalifa will undoubtedly be a wonderful experience. Burj Khalifa today became a most popular landmark of the world. You also can have sky diving and scuba diving experience which are very daring. Dubai museum is also an excellent place to visit. Scenic flying is also very popular in Dubai. Get into a hot air balloon and see Dubai in birds-eye view.