How To Use A Rotary Cutter

The dilemma is real if you sew a lot. Do you use a pair of scissors, or do you use a standard rotary cutter? There are perks to both, as well as drawbacks. You should read up on them all and then decide on which you prefer. This is meant to help a newbie to the sewing game out when it comes to choosing the tools that they will start their hobby or trade with, but it is also good for any experienced people to make the choice whether or not to have a rotary cutter in their toolkits as well.
Cutting method
There are two type of straight up classic cutting implements: scissors and shears. Shears are like the equivalent of industrial fabric cutters because they are meant for cutting out large strips of cloth, not for the more complex designs. Scissors usually have equal sized holes which can fit a single finger in each, whereas one of the holes in the handle of a pair of shears is elongated and can accommodate two or three fingers. This allows for a lot more power to be applied while cutting, and allow for the cuts that are made to be cleaner and more stable. They come in large sizes of about 8 inches, whereas scissors are smaller and far more delicate, perfect for snipping threads in tight places.
Rotary cutters
Unlike industrial fabric cutters, rotary cutters are intended for personal use, and are a scaled down, manual version. They are easy to use, and are best suited for cutting cloth into strips with long, straight cuts. This makes them perfect for hems and curtains. A rotary cutter is often sharp and versatile enough to cut through multiple layers of cloth in a single motion, allowing for more efficient sewing operations to be carried out. In addition to this, it is simply dragged along the cloth, requiring a lot less effort. Rotary cutters are therefore perfect for those people who have a condition like arthritis and other bone problems, because it doesn’t require a lot of work to be done by the fingers and the joints.
Always make sure that you are keeping yourself as safe as you can be when using these tools. They are all sharp and are perfectly capable of cutting you and laying you open to the bone. Try to exercise caution and never rush through a cutting operation, no matter how much of an expert you seem to think that you are.

Tips On Cleaning Your Outdoor Funiture

There are several types of furniture for you to purchase. You might be looking at outdoorsy or indoor items for your home. You have to carefully select the ones you want so that you can complement the interior area too. Here are some tips on cleaning the outdoor furniture:


If you plan on purchasing plastic you must make sure that you do clean it well. You can even try using a damp cloth, detergent and water together in order to remove any stains. Try hosing down the furniture with water first. Keep in mind that white can tend to discolor very quickly too so always make sure to not place it in the sun for too long. Remove the item if it has been sitting there for a long time. If you are unsure about how you must care for it then contact the bespoke furniture experts for more details. If you really want to you can wax the items too by using a soft cloth and some special plastic wax.


You must keep in mind that wicker needs to be scrubbed well. You can use some water and soap which is oil based for the task. Try using a wicker brush in order to get the dirt out. If you want to you can use a hose to spray the water out. Try to hose the area at least once a week or so too.


You must use teak cleaning liquid which will get the dirt out for you. Some people try to polish the items in order to maintain its bright sparkling appearance. Make sure to get some good polish which will protect the wood for you even when it rains outside. Try to spray the wood before you go to bed with wood spray this way the mites won’t be able to attack the item in the night. Ask a Bespoke furniture Dubai agent for advice on teak items for your home.


You must try to make some chemical free liquids at home for everyday spot cleaning especially if you have any pets and children at home. It is always better to be safe than sorry too! Try to look through the internet for great recipes on taking care of furniture. The easiest one for you is to use vinegar and water for an easy cleaning. You can even use baking soda on tough softs. These substances are great as they are toxic free for use.