Common Sports Injuries And How To Treat Them

Although exercising and sports are good for your health there are several injuries that can cause you harm due to negligence, accidents, insufficient warm up and improper gear and many other reasons. Injuries are quite common when it comes to professional sports and there are separate medics and team physicians with most sports teams. The most common sports injuries are strains and sprains. Strains are injuries that happen to ligaments that connect bones whereas sprains occur when muscle fibers or tendons are injured due to over use or over stretching of muscles.

Common sports injuries are usually mild and less destructive. These can be treated at home using methods like the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and elevation) model. Some of the common sports injuries include ankle sprains, shin injuries, knee sprains, tennis elbow, back and neck pains. If a sprain or a strain is severe there is a possibility that the entire muscle or ligament could be torn away and surgery would be necessary if proper attention was not given. Knee injuries and back injuries could be the most dangerous of all. Especially to prevent damages to the spinal cord proper back pain treatment is necessary at the time of a back injury.

Ankle sprains are common in athletes and it usually occurs when a foot turns inwards. The turning can tear or strain ligaments in the foot. There are certain exercises that should be done at a time of an ankle sprain to prevent re-injury and loss of flexibility. Hamstring injuries are most common among hurdlers and athletes involved in sports where kicking is involved such as football and rugby. Stretching of the hamstring causes injuries and these take time to heal. Most back injuries are caused due to repetitive over use of the structures of the spine. Initial back pain treatment in Dubai requires a period of rest, medication and special exercise. Exercise programs can be very beneficial to the athlete to regain flexibility and strength.

Most of the sports injuries are preventable. All sports activities must start with a gentle warm up. Warm up helps to increase the level of blood circulation and makes your muscles more flexible to prevent injuries. If you have not been engaged in sports for a considerably long period of time, make sure you do some “pre-participation training” before you start on any sporting activity whether it is a game of football, running or hiking. Make it a point to stop when you are fatigued. Fatigued muscles are more prone to injuries. You could always try again another day.