Getting The Hang Of Cross Stitching

When you see those great cushions and bedding done with perfect stitches and embroidery you get the need to go and do your own stitching as soon as possible. One of the easier stitching types to do out there is actually cross stitching. Once you get used to it then it becomes one of the best techniques to use to do great embroidery work and to have in your arsenal of sewing techniques. So here are some tips to get used to doing the perfect cross stitch.
· Seal off the cloth
If you have an aida cloth or a cotton cloth or whichever that you are using to get your work done (usually aida cloth is great for beginners), make sure that the edges are sealed so it does not fray as you keep working on it. This is especially the case when your cloth is small and there is not much space to work on from the beginning. You can use a brother sewing machine or a brand of your preference, to do a simple zigzag stitch alongside the cloth to seal it off.
· Organize the threads by number
It is a good idea to have all your colourful thread all organized by the number that is on it. Although it is pleasing to the eye to have them as a range of rainbow shades of colour order, this will not helpful to you when you have to do the aida practice work by going by the number written on the aida cloth.
There are multiple brands available but DMC and Anchor are highly recommended and they will give you the number you need. These threads can be used in some brands like brother sewing machine Dubai.
· Sewing fast
If you want to sew fast and correctly, like the professionals, then what you have to do is not to drag your needle all the way under the fabric when you have to take the needle down to get to the next spot. Instead just use your needle to grab onto the next spot where the needle needs to go to. Using your hands and fingers to guide your needle and you can always keep the needle in eyesight.
Try to make sure that the back of you cross stitch to keep track of where you are going. The back of a greatly sewn work always looks neat and tidy.