Important Things To Remember When Packing For A Journey Abroad

Travelling abroad can be a wonderful and exhilarating prospect every time you do and it never gets tired no matter who many times you travel either. It brings in new perspectives, new things to learn and adapt to and most of all, you enjoy life as it is. But travelling across countries can end up being a bit of a pain too when documentation and packing and other preparations are concerned. So here are some tips to add to your check list.● Be aware of your passport rules

In the US, the expiration date of your passport is the one that is printed on the cover but some countries actually deny entry for passports that are about to expire within six months. This is as a precaution if you end up staying long voluntarily or involuntarily and the country does not want you there without legal status. So when you have a bit of a long stretch or short stretch of a life in abroad planned in your schedule, better go update the passport to make sure the expiry date extends beyond six months.

● Apostille stamp services

Be aware of which country you are going to and whether your documents require to be attested by a lawyer and/ or need apostille stamp services in order for you to use your legal documents in the country. Most countries are fine with a lawyer’s signature and stamp but it never hurts to be prepared and extra cautious about legal laws in other countries.

● Cash and credit cards

When you are using ATMs in foreign countries and credit cards outside of your native country, most banks charge a hefty fee for using these services. So to get out of this situation of paying half the bill for bank fees, make sure to take cash with you when you are leaving the country and keep it safe. If you are scared of carrying around cash then withdraw a lot of money at once to get around the fee issue. Credit cards also add in a high percentage of transaction fees and the two cards that do not usually put this fee are American express and Chase Sapphire Preferred cards.

Make sure to notify your banks, utilities and your landlords and other concerned parties if you are leaving for a long stay abroad, but even if it a short stay it is a good idea to keep the banks informed so you will not get caught up in some fraud act while you are away from the country.