Tips For Surviving The Pyramids

While the pyramids of Egypt are something most of us dream of visiting at one point in life, just to be able to understand and gaze at the wonder of something that had been made by hands, there are numerous and millions of other who have the same idea as you do and tend to end up at the pyramids as well. Surviving a visit to a tourist packed attraction can be hard if you do not know how to do it properly and are under the impression that every country has the same standards.
· Don’t accept help or start conversation or do anything to show that you don’t know what you are doing
The pyramids are a huge scamming ground and the best way for you to just enjoy the place and get out is by avoiding eye contact with the numerous sellers that stalk the sand and trying to get hapless tourists involved. Usually anyone who comes offering free help is after the money in your pocket.
Thefts are low in reports but the scams are nigh high in numbers. There are a plethora of complaints and reports filed at the embassy about the pyramid touts and their ways.
· Take your own water
There are not a lot of places for you to rehydrate yourself at the pyramids and whatever stalls that sell water are high in prices and will drain your pockets dry. Make sure to take your own bottles of water (maybe from the hotel or from the city) and keep yourself hydrated in the scorching sun. it will be a good idea to take some energy drinks with you as well as you will be walking a long distance.
· Try out different activities
There are numerous things to do in Egypt from looking at pyramids to going on an evening desert safari. There are a plethora of places to visit and these places are not limited to just ancient cultural sites. The night life in Egypt is quite entertaining if you are craving a fun time.
You can usually book an evening desert safari or a camel ride from your local or international tour guide if you are going with a group. Otherwise getting help from the hotel you are staying at is recommended if you do not want to end up paying $150 for a 5 minute ride.
Dressing appropriately for the country goes for both men and women and for any country. If you do not dress according to the guidelines of the culture of that country then better be ready for the commentary and looks.